Start a IACE center


How to open a IACE center

IACE is currently looking for Head Teachers with strong organizational skills to offer Italian courses for children and adults at all levels in their community by opening an IACE Direct Center within the Tristate Area (New York, New Jersey, Connecticut). Here is how to proceed:

  • STEP 1 – Site for classes

Find a site for classes (e.g. Public or Private Schools, Churches, Italian American Associations/Clubs, etc.).

  • STEP 2 – Advertise

Select an appropriate name for the center.
Advertise the Center (e.g. School/Universities/Library’s Bulletin Board, Italian Festivals and Events, online, local newspaper, etc.) IACE will help you advertise on the website and through mass mailing.
Organize an Open House: Orientation/Registration Day with optional “Free Introductory Lesson” (overall presentation of the course, text book, schedule and payment).

  • STEP 3 – Get started!

To start, you need to recruit a minimum of 8 students on the same level and approximately the same age. Find teachers (the Head Teacher may also teach classes if qualified to do so).
Provide teachers with adequate material.
A center can start even with only one course, anytime of the year.

  • STEP 4 – HTP

Collect the tuitions and, within one month of the opening of the center, submit the Head Teacher Packet, filled out completely. You are asked to provide information about teachers, courses, students, and a financial layout to explain the costs of the center.

You can download the Head Teacher Packet by clicking here.

  • STEP 5 –Invoice

Every month send the invoice to IACE indicating the name of the teacher and the hours he/she has worked during the month.

  • STEP 6 – Payment

IACE processes payments on the 15th of every month (provided we receive the invoice by the 11th) and on the 30th (provided we receive the invoice by the 26th).

  • STEP 7 – Certificates

At the end of each course ask IACE for the Certificates of Completion for every student.


All centers must be self sustaining, i.e. all expenses (teacher’s salary, Head Teacher’s compensation, rent, educational materials, registration fee) must be included in the students’ tuitions and will be returned to the Head Teacher upon completion of the Financial Layout.

IACE can assume economic loss in the first semester after which the center may continue to operate as long as IACE does not incur more financial loss.

Head Teacher compensation:

  • $500 for the first course (Pro-rated if classes meet less than 24 weeks)
  • $200 for every course thereafter (Pro-rated if classes meet less than 24 weeks)
  • Registration fee (optional, up to the amount of $25 per student)

Teacher compensation: $40/h


IACE provides the Center with the following:

  • liability insurance for teachers and students
  • administrative and accounting expenses
  • advertising space on our IACE website
  • library services at IACE’s Library in Manhattan and the “Italian Resource Center” in Connecticut
  • competition for a yearly scholarship consisting in two weeks of summer study-vacation in Italy for qualifying 7-12 graders
  • professional development workshops for teachers
  • coverage of financial loss for the first semester

Suggested tuition for students:

Children/Kids: $8/h

Adults: $10/h

Suggested discounts:

  • Family Discount – for each additional child or parent of the enrolled child: 10% discount
  • Senior Citizen Discount- 10% discount
  • All enrolled students receive free membership (must fill out membership application)