Funding for Italian Teachers’ Salary


Every year, from February until April, public and private schools of the Tri-state area can apply for a grant to start or implement an Italian curricular program (please note that Italian must be included on the report card and grants cannot be used for after school programs). The initial awards range up to $8,000 to cover the salary of a full-time certified teacher of Italian in gades Pre-K through 10. Please note that schools are responsible for paying the teacher’s salary in full and IACE will reimburse the school at the end of the year.

The grants are based on a matching commitment by the district or the school, with the expectation that the program will become gradually self-sustaining within a period of three years, unless the initial program has expanded to include new grades or has been modified by increasing the instructional time.


Priority will be given to:

  • Schools with a (perspective) full time program
  • Schools which offer the Italian AP exam
  • Programs established according to the guidelines provided in the World Languages Curriculum Framework of each state
  • Schools with certified teachers (State certification is mandatory in public schools and strongly recommended in private schools)



Upon acceptance, schools who have been awarded a grant are required to submit the a detailed Italian Program Description and the $100 membership fee. Paid members will be entitled to:

  • borrow educational material from the “Italian Resource Center” in New Britain, CT, and the IACE library in Manhattan
  • participate in student exchanges and summer programs in Italy
  • receive discounts for selected Italian cultural events, such as the Opera and cooking classes, when they are available.
  • free professional development workshops organized during the year with Italian and US educational institutions;


This is an excellent opportunity to begin Italian programs in districts that have strong community support for the study of the Italian language and culture. In addition, with our contribution your district will be able to start teaching Italian in elementary school. This early start will ensure that the future of the Italian programs will grow to eventually include all grade levels and subsequently an Italian AP program.