MAT courses for Kids


Learn Italian through Music, Art and Theater!

(Age 6-13)



For registrations please contact Licia at, (212) 772 8755 ext. 301


Dates: From March 19th to June 11th (no class on the week April 6-13). Each course includes a visit to the Metropolitan Museum of  Art. Students from all courses will to perform a play together during the second week of June (date tbd).

Location: IACE, 686 Park Ave Lower Level (bet. 68th and 69th street), New York NY 10065

Price for 12 1-hour-classes plus final performance : $475 (includes all materials)


The Courses:

Art. Teacher: Ilaria Amadasi (bio)

(Mon 4:00-5:00 pm). Starting from a famous Italian artist’s painting, the children will learn graphic, pictorial, and construction techniques that are not aimed exclusively to the production of expressive activities but in a way that lead students to use the Italian language in an expressive and communicative way. During the workshop the child is stimulated through a variety of verbal and sensory input that would lead to an enhancement of the use of the Italian language.

Music. Teacher: Chiara Schiavinotto (bio)

(Tue 4:00-5:00 pm). Class time will be devoted to learning, memorizing and performing the selected Italian songs utilizing proper breathing techniques as well as learning to apply Italian syllables to music. The class will listen to various tracks, analyze and describe basic elements of their music (e.g., high/low, fast/slow, loud/soft, beat), than apply vocal skills and use the singing voice to emulate them and to echo short melodic patterns. The children will sing age-appropriate songs learned by heart, and improvising using only Italian Language. They will also learn how to follow a director’s sign language and how to perform them in the correct way. Various kinds of tips will be given to the class to learn how to write a lyric. The resulting songs will be performed during a show that will be staged at the end of the entire session within the Art and the Theater classes.

Theater. Teacher: Ilaria Amadasi (bio)

(Wed 4:00-5:00 pm). Starting from a famous Italian artist’s painting, the children will be encouraged to physically represent the work of art and bring it to life through an imaginary story. This story will be created by the children through exercises of verbal and physical improvisation that will later be written by the children themselves and finally brought to the stage. In the workshop the child will develop his own use of the Italian language, both written and spoken, in a creative way. The entire exercise will be seen as a game, without feeling the weight of the study but simply having fun.


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