Q: Where is IACE located?
IACE office is located in Manhattan, 686 Park Avenue (lower level) New York NY 10065.
Q: Where are IACE classes held?
IACE classes are held in different locations throughout the Tristate Area  (Click here for listing)
Q: How can I become a IACE coordinator/teacher?
Click here on how to start your own center.
Q: How can I start an Italian program in my School?
Click here on how to start an Italian program in your school.
Q: Does IACE offer afterschool classes for Toddlers and Children?
Yes, check our courses currently listed on Afterschool Courses.
Q: Does IACE offer classes for Adults?

Yes, we offer Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced classes. Click here for more information
Q: Does IACE offer multidisciplinary workshops?
Yes, IACE offers Business Italian, Opera, Cuisine, Art, Cinema and Fashion workshops based on availability and request.
Q: What are the requirements to be a IACE teacher?
  • Valid working permit in the US
  • Resident in the Tristate Area (New York, New Jersey, Connecticut)
  • either B.A., B.S., M.A. or M.A.S. with a major or minor in Italian,
  • or an Italian Laurea in Lettere e Filosofia, Laurea in Lingue, Laurea in Pedagogia


Q: What are the textbooks suggested by IACE?
We offer information on our Suggested Books page.
Q: Do we need to be members to participate in IACE activities?
Yes, to know the membership benefits click on Membership.
Q: Does IACE provide a Certificate of Completion at the end of the courses?
Yes, IACE provides a Certificate of Completion at the end of the courses for children as well as for adults.
Q: What is IACE’s cancellation policy?
For Adult courses: no credits or refunds will be issued after the first class is held.
For Children courses: 75% after the3rd class.
Q: Is the State Certification mandatory?
The State Certification is mandatory for Pubblic School teachers.
For Private School or Afterschool programs, the teachers lacking the State Certification should make every effort to obtain it.

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