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It often proves difficult to learn a language without being exposed to it constantly–or without feeling the pressure to use it outside the classroom. IACE feels that it is fruitful for students of Italian to be exposed to the culture and language of Italy through constant exchange with native students and people. Whether it is through Skype, E-mail exchange or an actual exchange program which would allow students to travel overseas and experience the country for themselves, IACE feels that as a promoter of the study of Italian, it is its duty to  foster such exchanges.

Therefore, due to its commitment to encourage the study of Italian, as well as the overwhelming amount of schools and teachers who have expressed an interest in exchange programs, IACE  has decided to commence this inquiry page.

Interested persons should fill out the form below with the information requested of them. IACE in turn will turn over this information to schools in Italy. Schools that express similar interests shall be put in contact with one another through IACE.

***We would like you to note that IACE is not responsible for the organization of exchanges. IACE only promises to put schools in contact with one another. Exchanges shall be handled by the parties of the exchange themselves.

If interested, please fill out the following form giving us the following information:

  • School Name
  • Contact person
  • Address
  • Grades
  • What form of contact are you interested in: Skype, E-mail exchange, exchange program

Please select a valid form

*Below is also a table listing the names of schools/people–Italian & American–that have shown an interest in exchanges. If you are interested, please inform us and we will in turn put schools in contact with each other:

Interested Schools/Teachers:


School: Somers Schools, NY

Teacher: Joan Scerbo


Levels: Levels 2, 4, 5, College and Advanced College

Grade: High School

Type: Skype & Email-eventual real student exchanges


IACE will do its best to meet all needs.


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