About us


How do we promote the Italian Language?

By offering the following grants to public and private schools:

  • Teacher Salary (K-8)
  • Educational Material (K-12)

By opening IACE Centers for Children and Adults:

IACE Centers Receive monthly financial and administrative support. IACE hires Head Teachers to:

  • Recruit students and teachers
  • Find a location
  • Manage the IACE Center

By organizing Special Programs to enhance Italian Education:

  • Workshops for professional development in partnership with Italian and U.S. Educational Institutions.
  • Library services and lending material available at the IACE Library in New York and the Italian Resource Center in Connecticut.
  • Summer Program to study Italian in Italy for 2 weeks.
  • Educational activities and events to enhance Italian education and enrich the students’ knowledge of Italian culture.
  • Internship opportunities for High School or College students who study Italian.

For further information contact:
Italian American Committee on Education
686 Park Ave LL
New York, NY 10065
Tel: (212) 772-8755
Fax: (212) 772-8756
E-mail: info@iacelanguage.org