A cura di: Antonella Pedacchioni & Filomena Veltri

Edizioni: CompoMat

A new Textbook for Italian as a Second Language

Italiamo! is composed of two volumes – textbook and workbook – to offer students a clear and effective guide to communicating in Italian through both speaking and writing, developing their reading skills, and to broaden their vocabulary. Each volume consists of ten chapters with the workbook chapters paralleling those of the textbook.

The textbook provides students with grammar explanations, followed by exercises for focused pratice of the structures, as well as with readings, writing, and speaking activities, an games, and a glimpse into the interesting aspects of Italian culture. The workbook provides opportunity for both individual and group work and range from close activities to games to translation practice.

Course lessons developed for both middle and high school.

Each chapter of the textbook is structured with:

  • Introduction
  • Phonetics (basics of Italian pronunciation)
  • Identity Cards (help to familiarize the students with the concepts of gender and number)
  • Warm Up! (preview of unfamiliar grammatical structures through pictures, commic strips, and very short dialogues)
  • Dialogues (highlights of some important grammatical structures / opportunity for teachers to approach grammar inductively before turning to explanations)
  • Grammar from Theory to Practice (Theory: rules of grammar with referrences to the English language, illustrations, charts; Let’s Practice: form-focused exercises aimed at enabling students to confirm that they have understood and are able to apply the explanations)
  • Scheda (contains dialogues and charts/pictures about daily life situations for specific understanding of vocabulary)
  • Reading (introduced particular aspects of Italian culture, expansion of vocabulary related to specific fields)

Each chapter of the workbook is structured with:

  • Practice (corresponding to each Theory segment of the textbook)
  • Review
  • Games (opportunities to speak and write and practice grammar)

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