Buon Viaggio in Italia


 A cura di: Mirtilli Morgana & Claudia Boselli

Edizioni: Target Language


Course for Middle and High School

Buon Viaggio in Italia is an introductory textbook comprised of thirteen units that offer a modern and auythentic view of Italy seen through the eyes of visiting students who spend a school year in Florence.

While learning essential language skills in Italian, students also learn about life in Italy by living in an Italian family and studying alongside Italian peers. The dialogues and narratives reflect real life situations in today’s Italy while also providing grammatical explanations and instructions in English.

Cultural selections in Italian and English cover some of the most central aspects of Italian art, history, music, and folklore, with highlights of all the regions of Italy and their typical cuisine.


  1. Benevenuti in Italia!
  2. Una gita a Roma
  3. In città
  4. La giornata di…
  5. Al lavoro!
  6. In famiglia
  7. Vieni a casa mia
  8. Andiamo a scuola
  9. Che cosa ti metti?
  10. Magiamo qualcosa?
  11. Che tipo sei?
  12. Facciamo la spesa?
  13. Tempo di vacanze

The textbook also comes with an audio CD for MP3 players and computers.

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